Chiossi Cycles is a small team of craftsmen, united by the single goal of building the most beautiful classic bicycles.

What do we do

Chiossi Cycles ‘900

All our production continues the tradition of Italian most successful models of the past century. Request a catalog or information in the contact form.

Collection & Custom line

We are from Modena, Enzo Ferrari's hometown. We exalt the concept of beauty and creativity with the unique style of Chiossi Cycles in these unique pieces created with you.

On line Workshop

We want to spread 'the beauty'. We're not jealous. You can also buy from us the only components we use to build our beautiful bicycles. Waiting for the new website (Sept. 2016), ask us the catalog, where you can choose the fitted components available for sale.

Design and Prototypes

The design of bicycles, classic but also modern, and the realization of prototypes of components is what we know do. We are available to producers and / or to each of you for that too.


We want to help you make beautiful bicycles. If you want to know our views for the bicycle that you are building, restoring or modifying, please contact us. We will be happy to help a bit ‘.

Chiossi Cycling Agency

The great knowledge of the cycling industry causes Chiossi Cycles is a business partner of important cycling companies. Contact us, filling out the 'contact’ form, to get more information.

Some Pics

“When you brake the walls of emotions life becomes a Christmas ball” (Paolo Sorrentino, Hanno tutti ragione, 2010)


Show Room

Modena - Via Sant’Eufemia, 84

328 5674144


Soliera - Via Canale, 106

328 5674144

Mr. Luca Campanale

495, WashingtonAve. Brooklyn

+1 347 5862694

Mr. Marco Soranna

Soranna Avenue Co, Ltd

+81 9083041458


Made in Italy - Made in Modena - Made in Love

Our history starts in 1942 when Enzo, my father, becomes a shop boy of the unforgettable Ennio Gilli, breathing and sharing genius and humanity. Since then we have gone through the years pushed by passion for races and mechanical. The friendship and collaboration with real masters of cycling has gradually increased our skills and powered our enthusiasm. Today we invent and produce. Handcrafted. One by one. Please contact us for any information or request.

Personal Info

  •   +39 3285674144
  •   Modena - Via Sant’Eufemia, 84